Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dear Democratic Party (callers) . . .

 I'm frustrated by the vapidness of the many political phone calls, texts and emails I receive everyday.  One after another, basic boilerplate donation pitch, too often with a shrill attention grabbing headline. Precious little interest in anyone's interests, beyond what can you donate, envelop licking, being sent door to door with Pollyannaish literature.  Can't do that stuff anymore, but I do have something to offer.  

Democrats need to get better informed and engaged - that means using every resource available, and that should include starting a Online Democratic Party Discussion Forum where people can share their ideas and network, educate, nurture enthusiasm, engage your grassroots.  If we aren't changing minds we are losing.  

I'm writing this post so that I have a URL to share with future texts and such.

FEBRUARY 10, 2022

Democratic Party Online Discussion Forum

Googling, “Why are Democrats losing voters?” reveals that voters who care are feeling so disenfranchised by the Democratic Party that they are turning off in droves. 

This, during a year that should have every Democracy loving American energized and looking for how they can best participate in the coming election, it’s frightening.

After all, more than anything this election will be about the future of open and fair elections in the USA. Beyond that, it’s going to be a national referendum between the importance of honesty and truth in America’s public dialogue vs. a descent into anger driven anarchy. No exaggeration, simply pay attention to how the Republican Party has been engaging in every imaginable dirty trick to stymie future election participation and voting legitimacy.

Successful politicians require strong, informed, proactive support at their backs if they are to lead, yet the DNC seems to be doing little to nurture that sort of buy-in from their grassroots. Why?