Monday, April 11, 2022

Meaningful Insights Along the Way

Nearing my 67th birthday, I decided to collect some of the fundamental concepts of Earth and living that I've picked up along the way, and I'd like to share.  Here goes.

©citizenschallenge, 2021
    • Appreciating the Human Mindscape ~ Physical Reality divide
    • I am a self-aware introspective element in the Pageant of Evolution
    • We create our Gods from within ourselves
    • We cannot understand an organism, or system for that matter, without understanding its environment
    • Consciousness is the inside reflection of our body, interacting with itself, along with the environment and circumstance it's embedded within
    • An appreciation for Deep Time, billions of years worth, and Earth, the dance of geology & biology unfolding one day at a time, and that it produced me, along with many other wonders
    • There is no Body-Mind Problem, it is in actuality an Ego-God Problem
    • My body has taken better care of me, than I have of it
    • Consciousness is the product of Earth's biology, of interacting, of living, when we die, consciousness ceases, all that awaits us is the deep dark eternal sleep from which none awake, and it is good
    • Yes, it is good, live your blessed moment while you have it to live
    • Our after-life unfolds within the hearts and minds of others, and it is good
    • We need each other to keep ourselves honest.

What am I missing, any suggestions?

Who am I you may ask.


An Earth Centrist

Best Wishes, Cc