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Earth Centrism = Geocentrism. Seriously ?

This was inspired by a conversation I had at CFI forum.
"Since you still sound confused about what I’m trying to enunciate, allow me to review what the term “Earth Centrism” actually means.



That video is almost a year old, the following post started over at the Center For Inquiry discussion Forum but since it provides me such a splendid opportunity to try and get through, I'm using it as a seed for the following clarification.  If you’re still confused please leave a question or serious comment, I’ll be happy to respond. 

W4U remarks:  “You may want to be careful with that analogy.  I’m not certain what you mean by that. And here is the reason why. “Geocentrism - Crackpot Theory?”  
{Playing Devil’s Advocate my long time CFI pal offers up this bizarre YouTube video, “Geocentrism - Crackpot Theory?” between a guy, Chris Ferrara interviewing Robert Sungenis, whom I had to look up.  He’s known for being into “Catholic apologetics”.  
In others, words a god fearing religious guy - ergo, someone consumed within his Mindscape.  

I couldn’t listen to them, but I could copy the transcript and read through it.  The term “Evolution” was used 6 times, yet not a once did he give a clue that he had any conception of Evolution.
Nope, "Evolution" was more like a target label rather than a term that stood for something.  Instead he was all rhetorical fancy dancing, the realm of religion and our Mindscape.  
Don’t misunderstand, religion is fine for what it is.  
I believe religion is as essential as sober science, but we should never forget that religions can never ever be more than shadow plays we create for ourselves while striving to understand the Unknowable God of Time and Light, Life and Love.}

W4U, you knocked me off my chair with that one and made me wonder if you’ve ever actually taken the time to read and think about those links I’ve shared and what I’ve written here regarding Earth Centrism.  

Since it sounds like you’re still confused about what I’m trying to convey, I need to review the whole thing again.  

The term “Earth Centrism” was literally born out of writing the following essay.  Since then I’ve spend more time absorbing the concept and fleshing out it’s implications.


In the years since I’ve kept learning more about Earth’s amazing evolution and geophysics and also the scientific process itself. A process that’s basically a set of rules for gathering and assessing our observations in as honest, open and disciplined manner possible, in a language that all who understand science can trust.
Recently it occurred to me that what Stephen Gould was missing was a much more fundamental divide that is crying out for recognition. 
Specifically, the Magisteria of Physical Reality vs the Magisteria of our Human Mindscape.
In this perspective we acknowledge that Earth and her physical processes and the pageant of evolution are the fundamental timeless touchstones of our reality.  
Part of Earth’s physical reality is that we humans were created by Earth out of her processes.  
Science shows us that we belong to the mammalian branch of Earth’s animal kingdom.  Yet, it’s undeniable that something quite unique happened about six million years ago when certain apes took a wild improbable evolutionary turn. …

As a matter of fact, Geocentrism is the opposite of Earth Centrism, in that Geocentrism is purely a mental construct whereas Earth Centrism is simply acknowledging the central role Earth and Evolution had in creating us.  

Do you deny that “Earth provides the fundamental touchstone of physical reality for humans”?

Earth Centrism says nothing about Earth’s origins, or being born out of star dust, or the cosmic circumstance that makes Earth possible!  It doesn’t need to because it’s not about that.  It’s about our human perceptions.  

It certainly doesn’t say Earth is the center of the universe.  
It says Earth is the center of human existence.

The only possibly connections between Geocentrism and Earth Centrism would be dishonest ones - claims dependent on intentionally misrepresenting what I’ve written about Earth Centrism and the fundamental divide between our Mindscapes and Physical Reality.


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Comment:   Lol…I know the difference. 
Just a play on words which are linguistically interchangeable. 
Geo = Earth, Centrism = Centrism.

Cc:   Hahaha, you think I'm unaware of that?  
Were supposed to be discussing the concepts behind the term.
I’m trying to discuss serious stuff, not cheap ridicule.  
Although I'll admit that very wordplay added my attraction to the sound of it, back when.

Not trying to be a jerk, just explaining how it is.
People are too glib for their own good, so once again:


Earth is not the center of the universe, however  
Earth certainly is the center of human existence !

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  1. CC-v.3 said; As a matter of fact, Geocentrism is the opposite of Earth Centrism,

    Lol…I know the difference. Just a play on words which are linguistically interchangeable. Geo = Earth, Centrism = Centrism.