Thursday, March 19, 2020

Handy Stone Tools and memories ;- )

No, I didn't make them.  I've been getting better at finding them.

I had a few stories swirling in my head about the process of finding these tools.  The "search pattern" we develop in our minds based on experience and knowledge.  Although before that it was the musing on how early peoples learned from observing the physical realty around them, (you know Mother Nature and all that).

I remember first finding examples of natural rock formations that screamed a challenge: you can do this!  It was a little epiphany, all along nature was leading the way offering lessons to those who could see.  Once people learned to process what they observed - there where these aha moments.  Look at that pile of rocks over there, and why not stack them like that.

Or the occasional natural rock flakes that simply fit into someone's hand just right, someone who was curious, and heard that natural stone challenging, go ahead USE ME.  From there, it's all imitation and getting better.

Nature teaching and the hominid brain learning to perceived, ponder, then proceed.

I've done more and more musings on earlier peoples discovering how to chip tools from paying attention to the physical world around them,  Mother Nature.  Because the past eight years I've gone from barely thinking about to, to realizing that I was finding actual stone tools within hundred of yards of my home.  Nothing super ancient, and rather common in these parts.  Indians have loved this valley for centuries before people came.  Still special to me.

Benefits of my Maddy dog walking me around the land we've been blessed to live on past eight+ years.

I've wanted to share pictures of a couple of cool stone tools I've found around here with my pals at CenterForInquiry Forum and the only way I know to do that is to post them over here first.  If anyone out there is looking for an interesting intelligent forum,
check it out:




I can't look at anything without thinking about the big sweep of time, events are always within a timeline.  COVID-19 is coming at us.  Anyone who's shocked simply hasn't been paying any attention, too busy with their party.  Well folks, the party is over.  We old folks will get culled, the economy along with the collective human psyche is going to take a hit like never before.  Then what?

I know it's coming into this little cabin.  At 65, my wife and I are prime targets for the worst, and she's returning from two weeks in my old high school home town of Burlingame, California.  {My life has been an endless string of fascinating coincidences.}  Meaning, I fully expect my wife and I to come down with the illness.  Fortunately, our immune systems are intact and when push comes to shove, my body has always taken better care of me than visa versa {not that I didn't learn to listen and take heed.}.  We shall see.

Death itself holds no emotional terror since I know it is a deep, deep eternal sleep.  Some would call that peace.  Works for me.  I know that heaven and hell are human constructs of our ever fertile mindscapes, so they hold no sway.  What there is of me will flow back into this planet, and my memory will slowly fade from Earth.  Same as it ever was.  Thank god I learned early to make each day an adventure and pay attention, because today is never coming back.  So I have my store of memories to help carry me through.  

After the surviving comes the living within a new global framework of nature turning on us at every venue.  Now our misdeeds will be returned ten fold.  We took it all so for granted, so self-satisfied with our cartoon fairytales.  It is said some fates are worse than death.  So in my own calm before the storm, with perhaps one last All American road trip ahead of me to see my lil bud, it's time to share more of my character.  Last year I was blessed with care-taking my infant grandson, we connected wonderfully in that simple but ultimate love that only mothers and sensitive fathers can appreciate.  My life was full of blessings and good fortunate and to get this one last little taste of humanity at it's ultimate best, that is a gift to cherish and perhaps share.

Then there's this special poem that I feel like sharing, somehow it feels appropriate.

Best Wishes,

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