Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Diary 4/24/19_Democrats Stop Talking Past GOP Trumpsters (index)

We’re* going to lose this struggle to save American democracy if we continue talking past each other!  Trump supporters, or rather their arguments and PR strategies, must be better recognized and exposed and understood and vocally countered by an energized, engaged grassroots movement!

Stop following the GOP script - get better educated and eloquent and create a new one.  Then directly address Trumpism and the vandalism its inflicting upon our society - something that has not been happening.

Intellectually Confronting the Faith-blinded and the Faith-shackled would provide a much needed second benefit, to better educate OUR OWN people, who for the most part don't understand today's issues and rather withdraw within the comforts of consumerism than get engaged.

Many get a little offended at what I write, but this is about getting real and trying to win hearts and minds and stir Democratic passions for a change.  New approaches are required - where we at least learn to clearly enunciate what we believe and why.  To better explain ourselves* and at least demand recognition of physical reality and down to Earth facts.  
          (* That would be rationalists, liberals, progressives, children of the intellectual enlightenment you could say.  )

If any of that makes sense to you, please take a moment to scan through these thoughts and arguments from someone who's been paying attention to this show since about the 60s.

Best wishes,

Peter Miesler
aka citizenschallenge
citizenschallenge _  gmail _ com

It would be nice to network with like minded.  As my virtual debate with Jim Steele shows I'm ready for constructive debate and can produce.  I'm also ready to demonstrate that there is no contrarian dodge that can't be turned into a learning moment.   

Thank you.

We The People of the United States have a moral, ethical right - along with a pragmatic need - to learn what scientists have learned about this planet's biosphere and climate engine without constant dishonest crossfire. 
We should not tolerate serious scientists always being drown out by amoral, ruthless, and frankly ignorant arguments - that an astoundingly totalitarian GOP PR factory repeats over and over again, without ever learning a damned thing from the evidence in front of us. 

Intellectually Confronting Faith-Based thinking and Dogma Driven Deceptions

Considering our dysfunctional public dialogue in 14 verses.

Map v Territory Problem, Statistical Certainty vs Geophysical Realities

Who says understanding Earth’s Evolution is irrelevant? 2018

Saying No To Reality. Questioning the Geologic Column.

Considering the Missing Key to Stephen Gould’s “Nonoverlapping Magisteria”

Steele’s ‘What’s Natural?’ Dissecting libertarian deception, a fishy tale.


Breen LandUseCode Community Meeting - This Is What Democracy Looks Like !

CC's Climate Science Deception - Hall of Shame

Appreciating Earth's Evolution

12) “Faith-based Thinking: God or EGO?" - GOP's hate-on for Pluralism


This is a learning (and sharing) project dedicated to dissecting, examining, and confronting the deception dependent Republican assault on climate science and rational constructive debate  ~ I invite good-faith discussion.

This is both my personal learning project and my contribution in the struggle to confront the ongoing Republican/ libertarian assault on rational science and constructive learning, as manifested in their malicious strategic Attacks on Science ~ A collection of articles, scientific resources, plus my own essays and indepth critique of various presentations from unidirectional-skeptics ~ Hopefully a resource for the busy, yet discerning, student who's concerned about the health of our Earth

An information source for conservationists wanting to become proactive in the struggle to protect Alberta Park from development. ~ ~ ~ This is a collection of essays and information sources arguing for Mr. B.J. “Red” McCombs to retract his ill considered development plans and return his Alberta Park parcel back to its rightful fold within the Rio Grande National Forest.

        Americans for Koch's Prosperity, et cetera.

We (that is children of the intellectual enlightenment) need to stop playing by the GOP's totalitarian script.  

Create our own narrative also directly lovingly, intellectually but with inner conviction confront the insanity of believing you know God on a direct personal level.

After all, that is the fantasy mindscape feeding this Alt-Right hostile take-over attempt upon our United State of America government. 

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