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A long long time ago John Cook envisioned an internet website dedicated to bringing authentic climate science to an interested lay-public along with publicly archiving easily accessible climate studies.  It took tons of networking and creative effort and determination to realize his dream.  Starting in August, 2007 realized his vision and SkS has been delivering ever since and building up an impressive Archive (which I’ve taken the liberty of copying and pasting into the end of this article for your convenience.).  

I discovered them about a year later and for me they were a godsent because this was finally a focused, serious, organized effort I could learn from and turn to when I had questions to investigate.  They made new studies accessible to laypeople, they also helped explain the scientific details at a person on the street level.  Then the articles were followed by lively, well moderated always constructive comments section that served to supplemented the articles.  What I especially liked was that there were always those links so we could easily find original sources.
SkS never strayed away from quality climate science and has become an internationally recognized source of reliable authoritative climate science information. 
Spending time at I learned to appreciate the community of scientists, their conservativeness, competitiveness, work ethic and demand for honesty along with what constructive quality debates are all about.  From listening to real scientists I learned they were skeptical conservative people who fundamentally believed that “we need each other to keep ourselves honest.”  
The scientific method requires double checking and verifying, debating and discarding the mistakes and garbage.  Always trying to learn, striving for new information and ever better understanding.  Honesty and truth are laws, not subject to ego or political whims.  That stuff isn't easy to do, but it's the only way to do it right.  Not always perfect, but a hell of a lot better than what we see in politics or business, where short-sighted self-interest, in complete disregard to consequences, is the rule and “truth” is considered a joke for losers.
Because is such a quality blog, it has received the unmitigated hatred of the contrarian PR community and has found itself at the butt end of many fantastical insults and dirty tricks by people who have never been curious enough to actually learn about the claims and insults they repeat like so many parrots. News Archives

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