Saturday, July 6, 2024

What should Biden do? July 2024

Lets remember: This shouldn't be about a Biden Administration, so much as a Democratic Administration vs. a totalitarian wannabe administration (pushed by a lot of billionaire dark money).

Seems a lot of people are up in arms about what to do about the aging Biden and the utter singled-minded ego driven vandalism of the MAGA trump team - in their dedicated campaign to damage our government as much as possible as fast as possible.

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If I were king of the world, I would . . .

This isn’t a Biden Administration, this is Democrat Administration. Biden is the current quarterback surrounded by good people who are growing in experience and knowledge who will be there to move forward. …  

A) Why not a brainstorming meeting among Biden and top Democrat minds, and there are many these days, Harris, Shumer, Jeffries, Buddigieg, Moskowitz, Whitehouse, Porter, we can think of a few more rising stars, ...

Work out a strategy to highlight the Democratic Party TEAM. …

B) Then why not acknowledge the obvious?  A refreshing straightforward discussion about mortality and moving forward.

Biden ought to go in front of cameras with those other Democratic leaders beside him.   Explain to a simplistic American people that this is a team effort.  We don’t change captains in the middle of the most important minutes of the most important game. We stand together, when one falls there are many to close the rank and continue.  We know what we are doing, allow us to focus on the real problem facing the nation a dictator wannabe with an amazing amount of unAmerican support behind him.

Short and sweet, but that’s just me.

About that dark money driving the dark money driven subterfuge of a few billionaires who themselves want all the power. 

  • While i'm at it, here's another suggestion for the Democratic party

    Democratic Party Online Discussion Forum

    Why not use the internet? Why not create a quality internet platform for having constructive political dialogue?  By Democrats for Democrats!

    The Democratic Party Online Discussion Forum. 

    Give America’s untapped concerned citizens a place to go for sharing their own stories, ideas, concerns, questions, challenges.

    The Forum would be public, though I think it would be appropriate to limit commenting and posting privileges to registered Democrats. It would require a short set of clearly spelled out guidelines. Participants would need to sign up and agree to abide by the forum’s rules and standards. Moderators would be of critical importance to the DNC’s Discussion Forum’s success - fair, consistent, with a flair for humor, touch of empathy, and an instinct for constructive resolution and steering dialogue back on point.

    I’ve been participating at “" for many years and they provide an excellent example of how such a Forum could be organized and operated. CFI is small, a Democratic Party Online Discussion Forum could serve as a nucleus for some serious community building and it would grow as Democrats across the country discovered a place to speak out, hear new voices, to learn and to network within the Democratic Party organization.

    Politically interested citizens have few opportunities for connecting with others, provide us with a trustworthy adult discussion platform for constructive dialogue among concerned individuals, I can't think of a better way to rapidly increase awareness, and reinvigorate a disillusioned Democratic grassroots.

    After all, for all its faults the Democratic Party is all we have!  We need to focus on fixing it, rather than abandoning what little remaining political muscle we the people have.


    If the idea makes sense to you, please help spread the suggestion.  You are welcome and encouraged copy and share.

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