Sunday, March 11, 2018

Science red flags - Science Or Not

Hat tip to Collin Maessen, this is exactly the sort of ideas and awareness more people should be sharing, particularly as we get closer to this crucial election in the USA.  I've shared screen shoots of their list to encourage people to link through to their site and study this important information.

Science red flags

These red flags are indicators of either bad science or unscientific nonsense. The more of them you can identify in a claim, the less reliable it will be. They should be compared to the Hallmarks of science, which indicate science that’s conducted properly.
You think seeing is believing, that your thoughts are always based on reasonable intuitions and rational analysis, and that though you may falter and err from time to time, for the most part you stand as a focused, intelligent operator of the most complicated nervous system on earth. You believe that your abilities are sound, your memories perfect, your thoughts rational and wholly conscious …  
The truth is that your brain lies to you. Inside your skull is a vast and far-reaching personal conspiracy to keep you from uncovering the facts about who you actually are, how capable you tend to be, and how confident you deserve to feel. That undeserved confidence alters your behaviour and creates a giant, easily opened back door through which waltz con artists, magicians, public relations employees, advertising executives, pseudoscientists, peddlers of magical charms, and others.
David McRaney, You Are Now Less Dumb, 2013

Use these links to find out more about each of the science red flags. 
(This list will grow as new red flags are posted on the blog.)

These are only screen shots,
click on images for clearer viewing.


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