Thursday, January 16, 2020

Let's Debate William Happer's CO2 Delusion

Anonymous12/12  (Veizer?) inspired me to take on Mr. CO2 Coalition's Dr. William Happer by examining his "Carbon Dioxide Benefits the World - talking points”
As I was finishing my closing to part one of that review, it occurred to me this was turning into a good stand alone declaration and invitation, why bury it?  The review itself to be posted shorty:

Closing thoughts regarding Happer's Carbon Dioxide Benefits the World.
In the final analysis Dr. Happer and Republican climate science myths are deluded nonsense. 
Projecting a comic book image of our Earth, one driven by willful ignorance, corporate power-politics and self-interested avarice with a sociopathic disregard for humanity; this biosphere we depend on; and the future.  
Educationally, it’s pure garbage!  Nothing in it is serious science or objective information.
I defy any Dr. Happer fan to engage in an honest open constructive fact-based debate, that can intelligently dispute my claims.  
Bullying, threats, dirty tricks can shut down the discuss, but can you come up with serious honest arguments and evidence?  
Can you teach anything constructive? Can you learn anything from new information?

So, what is the deal with Earth and climate and CO2 and current events?

To understand that requires an honest curiosity and sincere desire to learn about Earth, or more specifically; her Ways and Means.  It also takes some serious  homework.

Global warming driven climate change and extreme weather understanding starts with appreciating our Atmospheric Insulation.  
Geophysically what’s happening is that these greenhouse gas molecules slow down the escape of infrared heat into outer space.  The problem is, we’re injecting greenhouse gases ever faster, around 40 gigatons per year of the stuff these days.  
To put things into perspective in the mid 1800s atmospheric CO2 was around 285 ppm, today we’re racing past 410 ppm.  
Think about what we are talking about here.  This is the stuff that insulates our planet against frigid space.   It’s straight forward unavoidable physics that smart people with fantastic instruments can and have figured out.
In turn, this accumulating heat gets transmitted throughout our Global Heat and Moisture Distribution Engine, all of it, down to the surface and into the ocean depths.
Our global climate engine circulates the broiling heat constantly accumulating around Earth’s belly, away and towards the frigid polar regions. 
The ocean is a huge heat sink which contains over 90% of our climate engine’s heat content, it’s in constant communication with the atmosphere, exchanging energy and heat, moisture and other molecules.  It’s the ocean that dominates global surface temperatures.  
Ocean currents and oscillations move heat around our globe and feed moisture into the sky and cloud systems, that in turn gets pushed and pulled by the jet stream into global weather patterns.
The basic principles and physics can be understood by grade school kids.  Of course, the details get unimaginably complex, which is where the experts come in.
Yes those are the same scientists and experts that Republicans love to demonize and disregard.
Why?  These individuals have an abiding desire to learn about how our planet operates.  I mean enough to devote years of schooling and study and endless hours of disciplined work to achieve an ever deeper and more insightful understanding of this planet we depend on for everything.  Why the hell are Republicans demonizing these great minds?
Better understanding has always been the key to success, so why are Republicans so devoted to laughing it off and ignoring the down to Earth geophysics that dictate conditions upon this planet.  
More important why do Democrats keep rolling over for it?

Stay tuned for the details of Dr. Happer’s crimes against humanity.

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