Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Diary, 10/15/19 - plugging away

Hello, no I haven't abandoned my Pageant of Evolution Video Series, but I'll tell you after the many many good to excellent talks and videos about the Ediacaran and Cambrian, getting into the Ordovician, Silurian it thins out.  Too many sloppy homemade type videos, not enough serious lectures - and not enough time for me to thoroughly search.  Though I finally found some good classroom videos that might work out, it's simply taking more time than I anticipated, or that I have on hand.

I am working on the column itself (deadline 20th) and considering how much I need to cram into a thousand words, it's going well, got a plan, had to change it a couple times, but always getting closer to what I'm wanting to get across and I do think I'll pull it off.

Then we have a local election issue happening, that's also eating up a lot of my time. 

 Trying to save two rural libraries, by taking over ownership before they get shut down.  

Not to mention the usual winterizing stuff, still haven't cleaned the stove pipe, though we've used it a few mornings.  It's no big deal, just not good form, should have been done before wood stove season began.  Tomorrow, for sure.  My never ending shed project continues beckoning, and so on and so forth.  Then there's Maddy, love the dog, but she is attention demanding and time consuming.  Sometimes wish I had a herd of sheep to keep her busy and happy.

Though it's not like haven't been writing at all.  Stay tuned.   ;-)

I simply wanted to check in and say hello, let you know that Cc's Video Collection project will return next month.  Good providence willing, of course.

Best wishes,

My days are getting even more crowded, but in good ways.  I did finish my Evolution Pageant project:

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