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Pruitt - Explaining the science, Prof. Summerhayes.

Nothing to add.  I introduce my next expert witness. Dr. Summerhayes takes us on a tour of climate science history and explains how scientists figured out, what they figured out, and why it matters.  

Colin Summerhayes: Earth's Climate Evolution - A Geological Perspective - Earth's Climate Evolution rocks and ice as tape recorders of climate change.

You will hear this phrase used, “The climate is always changing,” - geologists particularly in the all oil industry I find are very fond of trotting out this statement.  The climates always changing as if that means that we don't have to worry about the climate changes that are taking place now, or may take place tomorrow.  ‘Ah, because the climate is always changing.’ 

To me that is what I call a mindless mantra it's a mindless measure unless you start thinking and you engage your brains and you start wondering yeah but what made the climate change, how it did, when it did.  So that's what we have to do. We have to figure out going back in the geological record what made the climate change the way it did when it did.  That’s what I’m going to talk about. (June 3, 2015)

Followed by an outline with time signature:

Grantham Imperial  |  Published on Jun 16, 2015

A Grantham Seminar by Dr Colin Summerhayes, University of Cambridge. 

Our knowledge of the variability of past climate underpins our understanding of the present day climate as well as allowing us to anticipate future changes. In this seminar, Dr Summerhayes reviews how advances in geology have informed climate change theory since the 19th century.

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3:20  Geologic Society Statement on Climate Change

Review of the science, unraveling the mysteries. 
Saussure, Hutton, Buckland,
the great Lyell Agassiz debate,
Wegener, Suess, Wladimir Köppen.

18:00  -  Oceanic influence on climate, Miocene (14Ma) to Pliocene (3-5Ma).

19:45  -  Climate Clock - Celestial Mechanics Affect the Climate
Eccentricity, Tilt, Precession.
Creole, Milankovitch.
Andre’ Berger, Nick Shackelton.

27:55  -  Ice Cores and what they tell us.

31:15  -  Taking the temperature, oxygen isotope studies.
Cesare Emiliani, Jim Zachos.

33:20  -  Independent verification. 
Jane Francis, Francis, Poole.

34:15  -  Then there’s CO2 - from the beginnings 1824.
Joseph Fourier, (Högbom), John Tyndall, H2O, CO2, CH4, and O3,
Svante Arrhenius, T.C.Chamberlin.

38:10  -  Understanding the carbon cycle.
Bob Berner.

41:50  -  Demonstrating the relationship between CO2 and temperature signal.
Hans Oeschger, Siegenthaler.

43:00  -  A closer look - The lag between temperature and CO2 - that wasn’t.
Parrenin 2013.

46:00  -  Pre-Ice Core CO2 = Balance of Volcanism vs Weathering.
Beerling, Royer.

48:50  -  55ma: Analog for Tomorrow?  Massive quick injection of CO2.
Slow Carbon cycle at work

51:30  -  How does Solar Output affect climate?
Solar Variability Past 1000 Years

52:20  -  Group Sunspot Numbers Since 1740 
Clette, Svalgaard

53:00  -  Insolation Control on Average Planetary Temperature, past 2000 yrs.

53:15  -  Review ice cores, what it mean for our future.
David MacKay.

54:10  -  We should still be in the Little Ice Age.  Human impact.
E. Wolff.

55:00  -  Conclusions.

Dr Colin P. Summerhayes BSc, MSc, DIC, PhD, DSc, CGeol, CMarSci


Earth's Climate Evolution - a Geological Perspective
A Grantham Seminar by Dr Colin Summerhayes, University of Cambridge | 2015

Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Climate change: a creeping catastrophe. An interview with Colin Summerhayes

The possible links between climate change and health form one of the most controversial topics of our time. In this interview, Dr Colin Summerhayes talks about how the world’s climate is changing and the expected consequences on health.

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