Monday, January 1, 2018

OUTLINE - Science’s Blue team educates Pruitt’s Red team

An outline for exploring the learning opportunities Pruitt's Red Team Blue Team challenge offers for exposing GOP's intellectual dishonesty.  With time I hope to add posts and links to sources explaining all of the listed items.

"Blue team v Pruitt"

 Pruitt, questioning the unquestionable is fine. 

 Now, will you pay attention to the answers you receive? 

Science’s Blue team educates 
Pruitt’s GOP Red team  -  A Rough Outline.

I appreciate this is only an amateur’s exercise, I dare you to do better.  
Heck, I implore you to do better.  Please.

It seems Pruitt’s grand dream of a Red Team Blue Team “Exercise” is little more than a fading memory, a dead horse even.  One that Republicans and Democrats alike just as soon forget about.

I, on the other hand, believe this is one dead horse that deserves some serious beating.  Because this beating promises to produce a few lessons about fairly and squarely confronting the climate science lies that Pruitt and his Republican Red Team fraudsters have bet our house, farm and futures on.

The following is a rough outline for a rational level playing field constructive debate where the Blue Team has a chance to describe the scientific fundamentals, before going on to examine the claims, tactics and reasoning behind the Republican Red team's dogmatic rejection of serious climate science.

I appreciate that my list can certainly be improved on and I’ll admit I’m not equipped to truly flesh it out, though I’ll give it a start as time permits.  Doing this project justice would require some savvy engaged climate science communicators with more time, discipline, depth of understanding, not to mention opportunities.  

I hope this makes sense to a few and that it might serve to inspire some dynamic minds with the ability to do more.  

Fundamental Climate Science Understanding
Spencer Weart’s “The Discovery of Global Warming”

Understanding the Forecast  
Professor David Archer - University of Chicago
A comprehensive introduction to all aspects of global warming science. 

CO2 Science - Blue team: "Pruitt, it's certain as certain gets! 
It's the physics, don't you know.

CO2 Science (2) - Pruitt, proof is in the pudding! Impossible Modern Marvels

Climate Models - Pruitt look at Red team deceptions


Earth’s Story

*  Considering very deep-time, the first four billion years, evolution of Earth, primitive life, and our evolving atmosphere and global heat circulation: 

*  Considering deep-time, the past 700 million years, intimate connections between biological evolution and geological evolution and Earth’s changing climate.

*  Considering the past ten thousand year Climatic Optimum and the window of opportunity it provided for humanity's rise to a complex civilization and the attainment of Godly powers. 

*  Considering the past two hundred years of industrialization, globalization, population explosion, cascading consequences driving climate change.

*  Considering the next hundred years.  Do the math.  
Compounding interest, the realities of exponential math.


Global Heat and Moisture Distribution Engine

*  Review the physics of increasing our planet’s insulation.

*  Greenhouse gas molecules temporarily capture and slow down infrared radiation’s escape to space. Resulting in heat accumulating within our global climate engine.

*  Infrared radiation is heat.  Every element within our biosphere absorbs some of this heat, as the whole system attempts to equilibrate to new conditions.

*  Our global ocean is the heavy weight driver of Earth’s climate regime.  Why?

*  Oceans hold over 90% of our global heat and moisture distribution engine’s heat content.

*  Ocean currents and oscillations push heat around our planet, they do not ‘make’ heat.

*  Oceans intimately interact with the atmosphere, feeding it moisture, heat and energy.

*  Thus creating weather, another vehicle for moving heat towards colder regions.


Cascading Consequences

*  Ocean, atmosphere interaction, heat and hydrology cycles - makers of weather.

*  Arctic Ice Cap melting and turning into a dark solar absorption and evaporation pond, with all its varied and interconnected cascading consequences.

*  Atmospheric profile changing in accordance with warming, connection to Jet Stream Weirding.

*  Melting Polar ice cap's connection to Jet Stream Weirding.

*  Melting Polar ice cap and oceanic circulation patterns.

*  Amazon Basin and global warming’s cascading consequences.  Global implications.

*  Earth's Cryosphere and global warming impacts.

*  Earth's Melting Cryosphere implications for Sea Level Rise.

*  Sea Level Rise, implications for our two thousand year old Western civilization.

*  A warming climate engine's connection to increasing Extreme Weather.  It’s fundamental unavoidable physics.

*  How the planet’s global weather regime dictates the type and condition of our biosphere.

*  How our temperate weather regime has enabled and sustained our complex global society.

*  Extreme weather impacts on people, society, our infrastructure, farming, transportation, and on, and on, and on…

*  Anthropogenic Global Warming's equally destructive twin, Ocean Acidification.

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