Sunday, September 15, 2019

Diary 9/15/19 - Day's of Our Lives, Passin Thru.

The big weekend has come and gone.  For me the official start was last Thursday, I was returning from town after errands, thinking about Friday's arrivals and reunions, my freshly pressed suit sitting by my side, when KSUT hit me with "Passin Thru".  Talk about a home run for me.  A genuine cosmic giggle as the lyrics resonated with me and the moment and the memories the song was triggering.  

It was an awesome celebration, leaving all participants feeling slightly refreshed beyond expectations as we return to our homes.  Genuine love and respect between people is a beautiful thing.  When its two young people who are curious, caring, adventurous, serious, (it was the seventh anniversary of their first date) and all the rest - it's especially beautiful to behold and celebrate.  

With all that love comes family and the never ending passage of the seasons with their additions and subtractions.  I can remember it like yesterday,
I was the young one running around with the other kids, then later I was the server and host at a dozen and more weddings, chasing girls on the side, then walking down the aisle myself with my love, then this little bundle of miracles of ours, who has turned into a most amazing human being.  

Then sitting there looking around at the tables, recognizing friends, family and near family, acknowledging shared memories going back decades and holy molly are we really all that old.  Already?  It seemed like just yesterday... and all that jazz.  The slaps on the back, well done dad, ... yeah, it felt great.  The laughs and tears of being an aware human watching the seasons of our lives pass by.

What’s all that have to do with my blogging “effort” over here?  

Guess it reflects my turning in.  My thoughts are becoming ever more introspective as my faith in our leaders and worse, 'We The People' diminishes.  The people are for the most part uninformed and couldn’t care less.  Democrats still don’t display any sign that they’ve learned a damned thing, leaving the ruthless Oligarch owned and operated Republican Party with nothing but green, while Democrats beat up each other.   Then there's Trump, America's new low, the oligarch's Paper Messiah running interference as their self-cannibalizing corporate machine mentality keeps consuming our people and life support systems fast as they can.   

Guess that’s my excuse for starting to go all personal on my public ;-)

But, I wanted to keep this light, there's time for deeper thoughts later on.

Now I want to celebrate by sharing some music.

From the top, for me the official start was last Thursday coming back from town when KSUT hit me with the song "Passin Thru."  It was a genuine cosmic giggle as I discovered the song listening to the lyrics resonate within me, the moment, and the memories flashing by.  

Don’t actually remember ever hearing it before, though it is from 2002 -  I’ll surely never forget it.

Earl Scruggs || Song: Passin' Thru 
(with Don Henley & Johnny Cash)

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Johnny Cash, Randy Scruggs

Licensed to YouTube by

UMG; LatinAutor, BMG Rights Management, Warner Chappell, ASCAP, PEDL, CMRRA, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., and 9 Music Rights Societies

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