Sunday, September 8, 2019

Murray Gingras - 585 MYA animal tracks - What a scientist sounds like

Alrightie than, enough being distracted by chores - it's time to get this Pageant of Evolution rolling again.  I think I want to have some fun by simply selecting good lectures that follow in chronologic order from the Ediacaran and culminating in the Anthropocene and humanity's uncontrollable impulses that are driving towards an inevitable self-destruction.  If you laugh at that perhaps you need to learn about the progression of "civilization' these past few centuries and then stop to actually think real hard about trends and how they dictate the future.  Being blind to what's happening isn't going to stop it from happening.
585-million-year-old tracks reveal evidence of the first animals on Earth

Royal Tyrrell Museum Speaker Series 2014 
Murray Gingras, University of Alberta 
"585-million-year-old tracks reveal evidence of the first animals on Earth”

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