Saturday, September 7, 2019

Observations regarding Sept 7th, Anonymous Comment

I received the following comment which didn't pass muster. 

I accept constructive comments and challenges.  If you want to challenge what I've written do so.  But yelling about rationalists being like a Nazi cult, and such further disconnected from reality ranting ain't an intelligent discussion. Your comment is being REJECTED!
That doesn't mean I'm not willing to discuss it:

COMMENT READS: After looking at the name calling dialog by the two attackers of Dr Holmes 

Can you offer any specifics we can calmly discuss?

and their ferocious need to out him and chastise him for his work and opinions. 

Hold on.  There is a YouTube Channel that goes under the name of Frolly1000  - it spews slander and scientific ignorance (lies and misrepresentations) along with a load of contempt.  It has to do with his politicizing climate science and scaring people out of learning about it in a serious constructive manner.

What’s wrong with outing such a malicious fraud?  

Why shouldn’t we be curious about who the character is behind such a devious attack on serious honest scientists and the work they have done? 

I agree with Dr.Holmes, this climate hysteria has become more of a cult or religion. 

Obviously you agree with Dr Holmes, now the out of the closet YouTube
Frolly1000.  How else could you use a dishonest label like “cult” or “religion” to describe the Earth sciences community.  If you want to look at cult-like and Nazi-ish thinking, watch a  Trump rally and the people wearing those MAGA hats and the looks in their eyes.

But we all well know the history of mob mentality of outing people you don't like. The Nazi party perfectected this tactic to spread their hate and shutter any "deniers" of german superiority. 

Do you ever stop to listen to yourself? Where’s your paranoid hysteria coming from? Can you rationally list your reasons?

Sad to see it happening again. 

I hear you their bro.  Very sad watching America’s political disintegration.

Do you think Dr Holmes and his family will be safe from harm in an environment of where a cult like devotion to a specific view of science is mandatory? 

wonder if you ever listen to yourselves.  You know you're making this hysteria up in your own head.  The special view of science is to learn about our Earth and her ways and means as accurately as humans can.  Scientists believe in constructive debates where learning is the goal and honesty is the law.  What standards does your side live by???

It is a community of educated, informed, skeptical, competitive individuals all striving to do the best they can with the tools at hand.  

Your foaming hatred is the product of a wonderfully executed brainwashing campaign.  And the Democrats and lefties and rationalist were too self-absorbed to notice it unfolding these past decades.

Observe the rhetoric and behavior of each side and decide for yourself, who would you trust your family with? on Dr. Robert Holmes aka 1000Frolly why are you threatening me?

I’m the one constantly inviting constructive debate - rational, civil, even with people I don’t like.  And your side?  This is all you have?  Raging blind manipulated fear and anger.  This is not going to turn out well at all.

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